Hey there!

I'm Amelia, a 23 year old just out here trying to do what I love! I was born and raised in the Big Horn/Sheridan, WY area and work full-time as a Campaigns Specialist here (Basically, I'm on Facebook A LOT). I have been pursuing photography as my part-time side gig since August 2019 and I haven't looked back. Since graduating college in Spring of 2018, I've longed for a passion to pursue that got me excited and energized me — so what did I do? I bought a motorcycle! Typical, right? I soon realized I needed something I could do year-round and that was when I picked up the camera. I haven't pursued photography since High School, but I am so excited to grow, find my niche, and capture beautiful moments for amazing people!


Kaylee & Daniel

“If you need a photographer check out Amelia Ponce Photography! Between our crazy schedules and our even crazier dog, she captured beautiful photos that we’ll love forever.♥️”

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